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Our trademarked product, IPP™, provides the support project owners need to keep their projects on schedule and under budget and help transform their visions into realities.


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Ipp TM

“Our Integrated Project Process is a new standard that integrates knowledge from all project participants through increased collaboration and transparency. This reduces the uncertainty of the traditional project processes, adding value throughout the entire project”

BIM management

…BIM management and digital collaboration to increase communication and ensure the value of BIM (building information modeling) and VDC (virtual design to construction) from project cradle to grave.

Client Construction

…is a key role in building project management, guiding all processes from the beginning with a contractor’s point of view. This ensures great value and understanding of alliances between all project participants.

3D Quality control

…ensures that the project’s BIM models are valid and accurate for insight towards proactive preparation and transparent simulations. Model QC is made consistently via discipline and interdisciplinary model collision control reporting.

4D Time planning

…using BIM models to visualize the construction process as well as the building site for the purpose of design and building phase optimization. Fostering the communication of delivery times throughout the entire construction phase.

5D Cost planning

…the extracting of material quantities for model-based calculation and tender lists. Derived quantities are visualized by BIM models to ensure a more accurate per phase cost estimation and mitigation of traditional budget uncertainties.

6D Commissioning

…is facility data management and asset commissioning by building a bridge between building design and O&M. This is obtained through timely, intelligent digital manuals and dynamic training for critical insight and sanctioning.

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IPP Project

Savings Obtained: $350,000
Building contractor: Anker Hansen & CO Project: Furesø town hall Tasks: Crash test, discrepancy list, regulatory information notes and O&M in Capture Result: Doing crash tests has led to fewer errors in the project. By installing and implementing a digital platform to handle technical inquiries, regulatory information notes and discrepancy lists, we achieved a more streamlined management for everybody involved in the project.   Statement from our client: In connection with the project planning of our turnkey contract for the construction of Furesø town hall we bought crash tests by Optimise in two phases. In both cases it gave occasion for adjustments followed by necessary readjustments and provided certainty of the accordance between the individual crafts within the project planning. Optimise worked professionally as they met deadlines and kept appointments, while also going through the crash test result in a nice and constructive manner. In connection with the execution of the turnkey contract for the construction of Furesø town hall, Optimise has carried out the setup of Capture for ANKER HANSEN & CO. The setup of discrepancy lists, regulatory information notes and O&M was carried out in accordance with our agreement, and the wants and needs we had for setup and use of these documents. In this context, Optimise was responsible for a Capture user's guide for our subcontractors and consultants to ensure that everyone knew how to use the system and the documents. Throughout the whole process Dan Bindra has been our liaison officer from Optimise. He has performed his job to complete satisfaction with quick responses, immense precision and a great understanding of the client's and users' needs.   Julie Fristrøm Eriksen Project director – Anker Hansen Tel: +45 47 31 00 75 Mail: [email protected]

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Savings Obtained: $300,000
Construction owner: Billund Kommune IPP leader: Dan Bindra The Project: Børnenes Univers Grindsted Syd Task: Complete IPP project Result: Due to the traceability of the IPP project, the bidding entrepreneur’s prices were submitted within a range of 1-2%. Furthermore, we have to that effect issued a project without errors or shortcomings. Everything is in the offers list and there are no critical collisions. The entrepreneurs feedback was that they could reduce their prices with 5%, due to the quality of the material.   “We have in Billund Kommune wanted to define the level of usage of ICT in our building projects. In that regard we agreed with Optimise that they would help us with a pilot project, where our focus was on ICT from the outset so as to be able to make use of the technology throughout the entire course of the project. In its course, demands have been made on the project manager, who was selected through negotiated tendering, where ICT was involved as a qualitative parameter in its allocation, where after there has been completed a full IPP on the project in collaboration with the winning advisors, with abundant and full traceability between BIM-model, offers lists and descriptions. The project has, in its course, been beneficial to the user process, as we have made use of the technologies surrounding Virtual reality and QR codes, and in that way given a clearer view into project for non-builder contributors, and not in the least for the users themselves. At the different stages development there has been held startup workshops with advisors and the production team, with an ongoing scrutiny of collision tests and traceability.   In the entirety of process there has been a close dialogue between Optimises project leader and construction owner, where we have felt confident that the quality we always demand from our advisors has been delivered to us by Optimise. There has the course of the project been a multitude of things to correct due to this supervision, but we are confident that we have an optimal project material, that leads to a minimal amount of mistakes at the construction site. We have consequently asked Optimise to contribute with the implementation of a new ICT-paradigm in our organization, where we use the insight from the pilot project”. Mona Frederiksen Project Leader– Billund Kommune Tel: +45 25 55 74 59 Mail: [email protected]

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IPP project

Savings Obtained: $250,000
Building owner: Gladsaxe Municipality Consultants: Alfa ingeniører CWN ApS Gladsaxe Municipality IPP manager: Dan Bindra Project: Børnehuset Elverdammen Total contract sum 20 million DKK Assignment: Implementing Revit at Gladsaxe Municipality and carry out a complete IPP project. Result: a clear and unambiguous project of great quality. After a competitive tendering, the bidding contractors stated that they were able to reduce their offers by a minimum of 5% due to the specification of supplies, traceability and unambiguity of the project.   Client statement “Optimise completes the field of tension between the different consultants, contractors and us as the building owner. With their IPP process they ensure that decisions are made in time, as the level of information between the parties involved in the project is aligned with the level of the phases. As building owner, we are reassured in relation to the certainty of getting what we ask for.” Henrick Villemoes Poulsen Property manager – Gladsaxe Municipality Tel: +45 21 12 83 36 Mail: [email protected]   Statement from the winning contractor “It has been a great aid in the process, and none the least reduced the insecurity about the amount of supplies intended for the individual bidding lots. Likewise, we expect the phase of execution to reflect an even clearer image of what the contractor's offer include, ensuring that the building owner will pay a suitable price for the construction project”. Klavs M Hansen Bid manager – Strømberg Sahl

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Scan to BIM

Building owner: The City of Frederikshavn Project: Frydenstrand, school district. Assignment: Scan and 3D model of the existing building Result: The City of Frederikshavn received a very high-quality Revit model with a very high level of accuracy. The model can now be used as the foundation for future project planning as well as for the level of maintenance needed for the building’s upkeep. Statement from our customer: It has been of the highest importance for Ejendomscenteret to be able to create a digital working basis platform, which will both give the best possible conditions for the upcoming plant process and highly applicable underlying data for the amount of future maintenance. Simultaneously, the digital material provides an amazing start-off point for the presentation of upcoming construction for the stakeholders involved in the construction process. Optimise has delivered the desired quality through professional knowledge and knowhow, which will be a great benefit and help for our future work. Optimise deserves a lot of praise. It is rare that you find such a serious and professional cooperative partner. I highly value our partnership. The same goes for the draughtsmen and women. Bo Allan Niebuhr, Department Head – Ejendomscenteret. Tel: 20618415 Mail: [email protected]