Our vision is to ensure that all our costumers experience dramatically cost savings on their building projects.

We have a unique project management method, called IPP™, which will generate savings around 10% of the total construction sum, by using our unique software and process, to quality control the BIM models.

Costumers Satisfaction Guarantee.

We will only deliver services that create value for you. Therefore, we have created the concept “No Cure, No Pay” where you only pay if you FEEL that we have created value on your project. In this way, you can try out IPP on your project without any risk.

IPPTM IS support to project owners

IPP is short for Integrated Project Process. It contains advising, tools and an improved project process, which gives the building owner a unique opportunity to control his/her project’s goals within the expected demands – from project offering.

IPP integrates knowledge from all project participants through increased cooperation and transparency. The method decreases the uncertainty that exists in the traditional project process – and it increases the value throughout the project’s duration.

We proactively enter the project and analyze processes, time spent, budget and quality. We have a team of experts within: Project Management, Constructability, Digital Communication and Control, Commissioning, Quality – and Risk Control and Facility Management. And we have gathered this knowledge within what we call IPP.

BIM management

…BIM management and digital collaboration to increase communication and ensure the value of BIM (building information modeling) and VDC (virtual design to construction) from project cradle to grave.

Client Construction

…is a key role in building project management, guiding all processes from the beginning with a contractor’s point of view. This ensures great value and understanding of alliances between all project participants.

3D Quality control

…ensures that the project’s BIM models are valid and accurate for insight towards proactive preparation and transparent simulations. Model QC is made consistently via discipline and interdisciplinary model collision control reporting.

4D Time planning

…using BIM models to visualize the construction process as well as the building site for the purpose of design and building phase optimization. Fostering the communication of delivery times throughout the entire construction phase.

5D Cost planning

…the extracting of material quantities for model-based calculation and tender lists. Derived quantities are visualized by BIM models to ensure a more accurate per phase cost estimation and mitigation of traditional budget uncertainties.

6D Commissioning

…is facility data management and asset commissioning by building a bridge between building design and O&M. This is obtained through timely, intelligent digital manuals and dynamic training for critical insight and sanctioning.